Thesis 2.0 Timeline, Rumors and Why to Expect it Soon

Thesis 2.0 Offer

Look familiar?

Over a year ago, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see a big Thesis 2.0 ad on nearly every blog out there using Google AdWords. You know, that ad saying how Thesis 2.0 is coming soon and will receive a major price increase.

It’s been a while, and Thesis 2.0 still isn’t here. Enthusiastic Thesis users (like me) are still eagerly waiting.

It’s been a long wait, but there seems to finally be conclusive evidence of a 2.0 release in the coming months.

Thesis 2.0 Rumors Timeline

September 2009: Thesis 2.0 is Almost Here

Thesis 1.5Bradley Spencer reveals his prediction that Thesis will come soon. He cites an “inside source” from DIYthemes and the recently released Headway theme as reasons why. Many of the people in the comments agree with him.

This was back when the current version of Thesis was 1.5.2.

October 2009: Thesis 1.6 – The Release Never Supposed to Happen

Thesis 1.6Thesis 1.6 releases, featuring a huge amount of improvements. According to Chris Pearson:

“This is the release that was never supposed to happen. Back in June, I began working on what I eventually dubbed Thesis 2.0, so I had no reason to believe we would ever see a Thesis 1.6.”

January 2010: Chris Pearson Interviewed

Thesis 1.6Nick Reese of Art of Blog interviewed Chris Pearson about his plans for 2010. He talks about creating a complete web development platform and how challenging it is. In the interview, he is unsure whether he will release version 2.0 or a “patch” as he calls it.

This patch would become Thesis 1.7.

March 2010: Thesis 1.7 – The Last Thesis Version Before 2.0

Thesis 1.7Thesis 1.7 was released the week of Thesis’s second anniversary. It featured more flexible design options, speed improvements, and the options menu. Most bloggers seemed sure this was the last Thesis update before 2.0. Chris, based on his Art of Blog Interview, also seemed sure this was his last update before 2.0.

May 2010: Affiliate Marketers Go Wild

Thesis 1.7If you were to search for anything on the Internet, you’d probably end up seeing that big yellow ad stating that DIYthemes is going to spike the price in Thesis with the release of 2.0.

Many thought this was an official ad campaign from DIYthemes themselves, but it was later found out that it was the doing of a sneaky affiliate marketer.

Blogs like Famous Bloggers further spread the rumor, informing their readers to buy Thesis to avoid the price jump.

August 2010: Thesis 1.8 – Truly the Last Update?

Thesis 1.8Thesis 1.8 came with a header and favicon uploader, Google fonts, and a Custom Loop API.

While these features were a pretty big deal, they also seemed to be the last tweaks before 2.0.

April 2011: Chris Pearson Says Thesis 2.0 is Months Away

Thesis 1.8In a recent interview during the PubCon conference, Chris Pearson reveals that Thesis 2.0 is only a few months away.

This is the last definite information available about 2.0 that I could find.

May 2011: Thesis 1.8.1: Thesis Becomes Faster

Thesis 1.8Chris Pearson fixed a bug in his most recent release and while he was at it, made Thesis faster.

There are many comments about 2.0 in that post, and Chris even dropped a pretty huge hint about how we will use Thesis 2.0 to develop our websites:

Thesis 2.0 Features

Chris explaining how using the new Thesis will make "more sense."

Why Thesis Will Come Out Soon

As you saw, people have been predicting Thesis 2.0’s release for years. I have good reasons to believe that it will come out in a few months:

1. Chris Pearson’s Recent Interview

In Chris Pearson’s interview he says he is confident 2.0 will come out in a few months. We’ve heard statements like this before, but most of it has been fan speculation.

I feel that since Chris has been saying this in multiple places throughout the Internet, there is good reason to believe that Thesis 2.0 really will be here in a few months.

2. Competition

Chris and Brian Clark of Copyblogger (former DIYthemes partner) parted ways many months ago. When they split, Brian, once an avid supporter of Thesis, released Genesis. Genesis is a direct competitor to Thesis, and while lacking in some areas compared to Thesis, many bloggers use it.

Then there’s Headway.

Headway ThemesHeadway is huge competition to Thesis. Its drag-and-drop visual editors leaves some users thinking Thesis is outdated. Headway has quickly developed a strong community and is frequently updated with new features.

Other themes similar to Thesis, like Catalyst for instance, add further competition to the mix. There are even free themes such as Thematic that have many of the same features as Thesis.

While Chris Pearson revolutionized the idea of a theme framework for WordPress, others have quickly came and made improvements. While these other options may not be as good as the original, they are getting too good for comfort.

Just as he wowed the world when he released Thesis 1.0 in 2008, I think Chris will do the same with 2.0, and force the competitors back to the drawing board.

This whole thing reminds me of video game consoles.

When the Wii was introduced, it revolutionized gaming. However, in recent years, Microsoft and Sony have improved on the Wii’s unique motion sensor gameplay. Nintendo, realizing this, has created something completely new and revolutionary for their next console.

I think the same thing will happen with Thesis.

3. Impatience

Thesis users are growing impatient. Everywhere you go &mdash whether it be Chris’s blog, the Thesis Facebook page, Chris’s Twitter, or on the Thesis forums, people are asking about Thesis 2.0.

Chris knows this update is in high demand. He knows that the community has been waiting a long time, and knows that it’s time to give us what we want (when it’s good and ready to be given, that is).

What to Expect from Thesis 2.0

I cannot confirm any of these expectations, but these are just things that popped in my head while researching for this article that make sense to at least some degree.

The Beginning of a Standalone Platform?

WordPressWhile Chris has developed on WordPress for many years, there have been a few things that have happened between the two parties in the past that may eventually have an effect on how Thesis is developed.

That, and there has been some conversation of Thesis potentially becoming a standalone platform (away from WordPress), but of course — all fan speculation.

Minimizing Plugin Usage

Chris isn’t alone in that he dislikes plugins. In an interview he states that ideally users shouldn’t have to use any plugins, and for a couple big reasons:

  • They slow down your site.
  • Pose potentially big security threats.

Maybe Thesis will be so easy to use and feature-rich that we won’t even need plugins. Thesis 2.0 may provide all of the essentials we need to run a functional website.

Overhauled Design Interface

Thesis is great for designers, but there is a big learning curve for complete newbies. There were times where my Thesis site went down completely because I messed up while trying to edit a simple line of code.

I think Chris will create a design interface that is more beginner friendly, and can do nearly anything. He may even go visual drag-and-drop like Headway.

Price Spike

The price spike of Thesis is still being advertised through AdWords. It is safe to say that there will be a price jump, perhaps even a major one. The prediction right now seems to be a $100 increase. If you already own Thesis, you will be immune to that price jump.

As quoted from the Thesis pricing page:

…Once Thesis 2.0 hits the market, the upgrade price will increase…

A Bazillion Different Features

It is impossible to determine most of the features Chris will add. Every update of Thesis has been packed with more features than I can count. With 2.0, the amount of new features will be crazy. Who knows what could be in store?

Thesis 2.0 is Coming Soon. Hopefully…

I, and thousands of others have been eagerly awaiting Thesis 2.0 for a long time now. There are good reasons to believe that Thesis 2.0 will drop in the next few months.

Just like 1.0, it may revolutionize the way we make websites.

What do you think of my predictions? Is 2.0 really coming soon? What will it be like? What features do you want?

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  1. Good update and thoughts around Thesis 2.0. I like the idea of feature rich and not have to rely on tooo many plugins. Most important to me; is I am not a coder and do not have time to learn CSS, so having the visual ability to do layout and design would be a huge benefit.

    Thesis itself has help’d one of my corporate blogs ( do very well interms of ease of SEO use, integrating skins like blogussion (just upgraded to your latest release – THANKS!), and of course the ease of the Thesis configuration tool. So big shout out to DIY… Really looking forward to bringing Thesis up to date with what its competition has to offer.

    keep us informed!


    • Making Thesis less dependent on code would be a huge hit I think, but I’m most excited to see how Chris is changing the way we use Thesis now to design.

      From everything I’ve read and heard in Chris’s interviews, I think 2.0 is gonna be seriously epic.

  2. I started using Thesis while ago and actually thought it would be much more easier to tweak than people were saying. It wasn’t, it was very hard, and still is, but now I’m getting slowly on top of it. Kinda. But if there’s improvements like drag’n’drop feature, it will hit the markets like grasy. Also everything that keeps our plugins out of work will be good improvement. Less is better, they say.

    I have no rush to get it done to 2.0 but new is always new. Let us see what will happen.

  3. Hi Jake, thanks for the informative post, but…

    Blogs like Famous Bloggers further spread the rumor, informing their readers to buy Thesis to avoid the price jump.

    As you said everybody (including me) thought it was an advertising campaign from DIYthemes themselves till I knew it was not true from DIYthemes forum. So, it wasn’t’ my attention to spread a “rumor” !

    Anyways, I’ve updated that post to declare it’s a rumor to clear any misunderstanding, but it wasn’t that cool to say that, getting this kind of accuse hurts especially while having my first coffee this morning 🙂

    Well.. what to say?! I still like your post.. Nice one!

    • I can see how that could come across as a hit at Famous Bloggers, but it isn’t. You just created a post based on the recent advertising from DIYthemes. You said “hey it probably will release soon considering the recent advertising.” This is a reasonable thought, and a thought I shared with you and many others.

      I didn’t mean to imply that you in any way were irresponsible, just that you contributed to the buzz like many other bloggers. Everyone who made similar posts were simply making speculations based on evidence, thus informing users of the price spike. I pointed your blog out because it was the first to do so. It was not meant to be derogatory.

      • I got your point, no worries!

        It was a big hit at that time, not for me only, but for many other internet marketers! The good thing is we are talking here about a good product that people love!

  4. Nice summary Jake. It will be even better if some of your thoughts come to life in Thesis 2.0.

    Let’s hope 2.0 isn’t too far off.

    • Actually, I think you’re jumping the gun… the email was pretty vague and didn’t really have any reference to a launch date. It said we may see some previews is all..

      However, the time is coming, and Thesis is about to change the theme space
      once again. Thesis 2.0 is currently in development, and you should expect
      to hear more soon.

      In addition to sending out valuable tutorials, we may drop Thesis 2.0
      teasers in the coming weeks.

  5. It will be an incredible achievement if Thesis 2.0 can really live up to its expectations. While no one really knows the details . . . Chris Pearson has Kind of confirmed these minimum enhancements in a Tweet

    1. Auto Updates
    2. Multi-navbar support – Like WordPress Navbars
    3. Better image & thumbnail options – Like WordPress

    In addition I believe Thesis 2.0 will have more SEO features, Site Map generator, Social Media integration and more speed.

    • Yep, Jake sure “called it” according to him. 🙂 I have no idea how he came to his conclusions from the 2.0 chatter/rumors, or Pearson’s email back then.

  6. Thesis is the best wordpress theme.We can customize it as our sweet will.I am eagerly waiting for the version of Thesis 2.0.Hope It will be released on early 2012.

  7. Recently @iamthesis said “The beta will be out next month. We finally have a “finish line” production schedule in place :D”
    That would suggest a release date end of January/ start of feburary!
    Also you have got the best thesis themes :o)

  8. I love the idea that Thesis 2.0 will make a lot of WordPress plugins unnecessary. Personally, I hate using WordPress plugins considering that they could be the reason for your website to be hacked. Hopefully, Thesis 2.0 gets released very soon. I hope before this month ends, we will see Thesis 2.0 released.


  9. April 4, 2012 and still no 2.0… Genesis is looking better and fresher all the time, using it for two other newer sites right now…

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