A few minutes ago (while talking about Marketers Delight) my friend asked: “How do you know he’ll (referring to Alex) continue developing Marketers Delight beyond the next year or so?

And without hesitation, I replied: “Because he’s as passionate about MD as he’s ever been.”

Friend: “hmm, okay, and it’s not going to fade?”

Me: “hahahahahahaha, you’ve never talked to this guy about MD…trust me, his “passion” isn’t fading anytime soon”

This conversation reminded me of the advice I received right before I sold my first business.

“In business, when the passion is gone, it’s time to move on.”
—Some Old Guy


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  1. Uncanny, I had a similar conversation recently, though more about burning out (High Impact, short-term) or fading away (Mid-High Impact, long-term) – in relation to health and side-projects.

    Alex is neither; his passion is more like the fires of olympus than a campfire – it’s inspiring.

    Seeing such passion exist over such a long time of dedication makes believing I can do the same possible.

  2. It truly is inspiring. I don’t think he (Alex) really gets how impactful his run has been.

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