Wrapping up redesign

Getting extremely close to launching a pretty big client website on a custom Marketers Delight design. This site was using an extremely old version of MD, had a very cluttered database, and just a sluggish feel about it.

…yet it was still able to grow a huge email list, increase traffic over the years, and turn into a popular brand in its niche. Just another reminder that creating solid content and outworking your competition will always get you ahead in ways trivial design details won’t.

New Gutenberg Blocks in MD4.9.3

In between some big life changes and new opportunities arising, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on the THREE new Gutenberg Blocks being released in MD4.9.3! There are many other enhancements in that release (such as the Font Icons API) but the focus of that release will be on those 3 new blocks.

I won’t say what the Blocks are but the theme is “Content Marketing Blocks” and will prove to be very useful to many of you. I’ve attached a sneak peak of a screenshot used in the launch post to give you a small taste, and expect to see Marketers Delight 4.9.3 in your dashboards as soon as tomorrow!

MD5.2 now available for download

We have been working hard to finish MD5.2 and as of this writing I am happy to announce that it is now available for download!. Go to Appearance > Themes on your site or download from your account. To be safe, make a backup before you upgrade and take note of the changelog post to see what’s new to your website.

Full post coming soon.

On copy

A quote from Jake O’Callaghan from the MD Forums:

Good copy isn’t hard if you know why you’re selling. Great copy… that takes years of practice and study. But only good is required to convert well if the other business elements are intact.

Page Speed Messiahs

Watch out for the low barrier to entry “expert” position known as WordPress Optimization Experts. Today I had to save yet another client who got lured in by the false promises pushed by these page speed messiahs who’s real job is to over optimize your site and give you more moving parts to deal with in your website’s technology stack.

After logging in to the client’s site I found two new cache plugins installed, both of which are redundant as all required caching is done on the server level already. The line of thinking by these phonies is that “one cache plugin is great, but you know what would make the site faster? TWO PLUGINS! #logic”.

When in doubt, you should always be on the side of doing less when it comes to website performance and always begin on a solid foundation with a great web host like SiteGround (affiliate link) and a truly optimized theme yet feature rich theme that removes the need for may Plugins, like Marketers Delight.

Breaking out of the labs:

The first issue of XFtoWP 1.5 beta has been declared, following 37 alpha versions to get to its first strong working copy.

Next step is to test it on a real staging/live environment. More details coming soon.

Dropins (Work in Progress)

Even though its still a work in progress, I have finally gotten the basics of the new MD Dropins Library down enough to share with the few of you who read this Stream.

Today I published four new pages on the Marketers Delight website:

  1. Dropins Library
  2. Testimonials Dropin (free download)
  3. Dropins Installation Guide
  4. How to get the Post ID in WordPress

In addition to the Testimonials Dropin there will be three other very powerful Dropins in the big release. They just need one last round of testing and for me to create the download pages for you.

Once those pages are published I will be writing a blog post and fully announcing the new Dropins library and the concepts behind Dropins to all MD customers.

Since I know only the diehard MD fans read this Stream, I thought I’d give you awesome people a very first look. Enjoy, and let’s talk about them at the forums!

Twitter update

What a busy week (and summer) it’s been in the MD Labs. Been buried under client work but I am making an effort today to catch up on any messages I’ve missed in the forums in the past week. I am not typically so busy that I get burned out of replying at the forums, so I shot a quick video on Twitter to get back into the groove.

Watch it over here, and give me a follow if you haven’t already! oops, taken down for technical difficulties. Just another reason why text > audio!

What’s new to MD

Hey everyone! If you’re on the MD newsletter you just got an email with a sneak peak into MD4.9.1 and the next focus for Marketers Delight: visual longform sales pages. I will reveal more soon and will be emailing you at least once a week with MD news, thoughts, and releases.

Writing the stream blog post

Writing a post outlining a few different ways you can use the new Stream feature to enhance your website. I have a lot of rust to shake off for this style of writing, and it’s crazy to me how these days I can write code quicker than a blog post. I need to write more…

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