Starting with MD5.2.3, we will be releasing early versions of new major and minor versions before sending out official update to the Themes dashboard.

Despite being used on hundreds, maybe thousands of sites, MD is easy to develop on and features are being expanded in a big, bold way every release.

To get that process perfect, those of you interested in testing the new beta releases can download your copy during the release time period from your account area:

For full transparency and in alignment with the pursuit of creating the best website design system on the market, all beta versions will be run and tested on the main Marketers Delight website and other MD web properties before being released for download.

Through the MD Forums we will track any last minute bugs, find missing features, report weird behaviors, and a chance to give your feedback before the new update goes out.

As stated earlier, the main version cycles to look out for are defined as follows:

MD5.x = Major release (ex: MD5.0)
MD5.x.x = Minor release (ex: MD5.2.3)
MD5.x.x.x = Patch update (ex: MD5.2.1.9)

Each tier represents different levels of development, where “major” releases can make aggressive, system-wide changes (not always) or more fun—introduce powerful new features that never existed before.

By MD standards, “minor” releases are considered releases where new features are built into existing systems. For example, the entire Site Design system was introduced in MD5.0 and that is considered a system wide feature. In MD5.2.3, the new Icons Library—a function of the Site Designer—was built-in to your MD websites.

The severity of the update helps you gauge how much testing may need to be done or what level the features you are trying out for the first time are at.

With that, you probably know everything you need to about the MD release process, and can start beta testing the new MD5.2.3 Font icons manager right now.

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