I am not Alex – I am Leo; which is great for this post as he is part of this topic.

The title: “MD, A Decade, and the Ship” is designed to bring together 3 ideas for you which I feel is unique to Alex and Kolakube (MD).

MD and a Decade

Marketers Delight was the first premium theme I used and customised over a decade ago.

MD is also one theme framework of which I continue to use today, a decade on my personal site.

I do love change when it’s meaningful.

I also do not like change when it’s not progressive change.

The Ship

Change.. that’s where the Ship comes in.

The first codebase of MD and what we have today may be almost entirely different – or different enough to be a different framework to the original MD codebase.

But, that is where Alex and his work over the last decade come in with MD.

If you have an amazing Ship which you constantly:

  • fix what’s defective,
  • improve whats effectively,
  • and add what’s valuable;

you will eventually have a ship that has little to none of the original parts.

Does that make it a different ship? Or is it still the same ship?

The Captain

The answer depends on the captain and their decisions over time.

Alex has captained and steered the MD Ship with passion over the last decade where every decision and code change is one that he and the crew can trust to be what is best for the product; MD then becomes a framework of fulfilled promises and not just a WordPress Theme.

When I use MD now, I do so knowing its solid build and trust in Alex and his goals for every user what I would recommend as The Unmatched Marketers Framework for WordPress.

Dedication, quality, reliability, and passion are the pillars on which it stands.

The seas may change, but I see MD being here for another Decade, and still shipping.

~ Leo Gopal

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  1. Well said Leo. Well said.

    Most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with tell me that their project/business is their baby. Only to give-up on that baby if it stops producing revenue or fails to get the attention it needs to succeed.

    While I’ve never heard Alex call MD his baby—he certainly treats it as such.

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