A reader recently sent in:

I am actually looking forward to see some WP 6.0 and FSE-oriented updates for MD theme. I hope you have thought something about that. Because the future of WP themes are going to be different with theme.json based options and FSE.

Since the inception of the new Block Editor back in WordPress 5.0, Marketers Delight has kept up with the fast-changing pace of the Block Editor and now Full Site Editor projects.

In addition to styling the editor to match your typography preferences, MD also adds 5 useful Blocks for writers and content marketers.

We realize this Editor is here to stay and have incorporated it into our toolbox, however we don’t treat it as the “end all be all of WordPress”.

The future of MD is not dependent on this part of WordPress, and we have some brilliant tools continuing to come your way to give your site more performance and publishing power.

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