If you’ve happened to stumble upon Kolakube at this moment, you are too early! The site is a mess as I gradually put an old flame back together. Watch as progress unfolds, and welcome everybody.

5 Updates

A new ritual on every site, including this one: Plugins > Add New > Classic Widgets. Blocks work well in the Block editor, not this page.

MD community forums archive October 2021 night before halloween

The MD community is becoming Kolakube, home of Marketers Delight, XFtoWP, CryptoWP, and other products by Alex and the Kolakube team. Evolution is messy, but required, and the best of MD is coming next.

The new Kolakube support site is now LIVE and now officially replaces the old MD community. It was a good run, but it’s time to go back to the roots of it all and evolve MD, XFtoWP, and CryptoWP into something more.

Now to finish the Kolakube site, and unveil the new Marketers Delight design. 🙂

…aaaand MD.com is officially on maintenance mode. The next one in line for the grand unveiling of a months long redesign. Follow this Stream as it unfolds. 🙂

It’s officially two minutes past Nov 1, and Kolakube + MD.com have be relaunched, having followed big changes from XFtoWP.com. There’s still some quirks to polish out, but I am satisfied after this weekend stretch to push these months in the making designs live! Thanks for your patience during downtime, Kolakube service is now officially open!

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