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Dropins (Work in Progress)

Even though its still a work in progress, I have finally gotten the basics of the new MD Dropins Library down enough to share with the few of you who read this Stream.

Today I published four new pages on the Marketers Delight website:

  1. Dropins Library
  2. Testimonials Dropin (free download)
  3. Dropins Installation Guide
  4. How to get the Post ID in WordPress

In addition to the Testimonials Dropin there will be three other very powerful Dropins in the big release. They just need one last round of testing and for me to create the download pages for you.

Once those pages are published I will be writing a blog post and fully announcing the new Dropins library and the concepts behind Dropins to all MD customers.

Since I know only the diehard MD fans read this Stream, I thought I’d give you awesome people a very first look. Enjoy, and let’s talk about them at the forums!