I left the scaffolding of the new MD Labs to visit my first corporate level client in a local office in my new area. Being in an office full of cubicles certainly made me grateful of the freedom I have in my own work life thanks to MD and I got a taste of what it’s like to work with a full team on a large website project.

There’s only so much I can reveal about the project, and one of the interesting reasons I am being brought on is to save the project from an incompetent hire that couldn’t complete the job.

I suppose I shouldn’t call them incompetent as they managed to milk the company for multiple six-figures over the course of two years without delivering any kind of functional product.

It just goes to show you how badly skilled WordPress developers are needed and the potential for earnings there are in the space. As I gear up the MD blog, I will keep this topic in mind and share my experiences and tips to help you become a better developer and get a slice of this market cap for your own business!

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