Tonight I have a clear head to write an update post about what’s been going on lately. About 2 weeks ago I made the decision to pack up my life (and the MD labs) and move halfway across the country into a new house.

The catch? I’m no longer in the middle of a cool and expensive city, but have moved into a “fixer up” house. Ever since moving I have been working 8-12 hours day learning how to replace sheet rock, play with wiring, paint, and all kinds of other tedious home improvement tasks.

The overlap in the kind of problem solving required for this has kept my mind sharp for coding, but the anxiousness of being away from MD has been slowly getting to me! Don’t get it confused though—this move has been entirely about Marketers Delight!

Why move the MD Labs from a cool apartment in the middle of a city to a fixer up house in the middle of an old fishing village? I am pulling myself away from the noise to put myself in a place that will finally give me the focus I need to take the capabilities of MD—and by extension your business—to the level I’ve told you we’re going in 2019.

That means I will be living more cheaply and will be able to say “no” to freelance jobs and say “yes” to MD.

The good news is we are almost done work and I am almost moved in. Until then, I will be at the MD forums helping you with your website, and will be back to the blog soon.

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