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The SEO Question

After nearly every feature release, somebody always asks the inevitable “how does this affect my SEO?”. I don’t laugh it off as an unimportant question, but I do wish people would be more optimistic!

SEO has many technical variables, many of which are covered by your WordPress theme (MD included). From there, the biggest factor left is to write content that people search for and would enjoy to read about. Further optimizations can then be made, like advanced schema structures and other SEO plugins.

I do not position new features in Marketers Delight as “get rich quick schemes” or “must-have features,” but I do promise to design tools that make your content more engaging.

Does Google love short form content posted on your Stream? This content may not rank, but will help your readers find content that does, and give them a new feature to enjoy coming back to on your website.

Do Callout Boxes and Content Upgrades slow down your website in order to get more email signups? NO! They are built-in to MD’s lean design system, and the same resources that build those elements already power the rest of your website.

The point blank most important factor in SEO is how high quality of a website you can produce to keep you readers coming back for more and spending more time engaged in your content.

The next time you see a new feature release in Marketers Delight and rightfully ask, “how does this affect my SEO?,” you might first want to ask “how can I use this to create better content?” to get a good answer.