After rolling out the redesign of the MD blog I have since turned my attention to updating old content. Finally having years worth of articles organized into very specific categories has given the blog a whole new life and now needs the cleaning it deserves.

Part of how I am breaking down the time I spend updating as many as 100+ older posts is to first add a new set of standardized featured images.

Today I spent about 20 minutes using a Photoshop template to add entirely new featured images to the first page of the MD Features blog category. Scrolling through and finding posts is now much more enjoyable, and extremely straightforward.

Some takeaways from today’s work:

  • Rather than creating different images for each post, make a standardized graphic that can quickly be modified to each post.
  • If I update at least one category page per day with a new featured image (10 posts in 20 minutes), I can be done in 9 days.
  • There is loads of content still relevant today that I wrote about MD years ago, and plenty of information I see that needs to be updated!

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