The Font icons library has been updated with the latest icons coming in MD4.9.3. Use this reference guide to quickly copy the associated HTML icon code throughout your site. Works in menus, posts, widgets, and anywhere else you can paste HTML in WordPress.

Why does MD have these built-in? Font icons, an important design element, take time to load in your device and browser, so MD includes a versatile but lightweight icon set to add this important design element to your website at little expense to page load.

The cool part about the Font Icons Library page is that it uses the new md_icons() function introduced in the impending MD4.9.3 release to generate the icons on that page automatically. In other words, I no longer have to edit that page each time icons are added or changed; MD does it for me.

Besides making MD fast performing, beautiful, and high converting, the overarching theme of all that MD does is to make it easier to create and maintain content. Something as simple as this self-updating icons library adds peace of mind to my life; how does MD do the same in yours?

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