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Owning your online platform

I just changed my Twitter bio to represent an idea that always excites me up when I think of it:

I create Marketers Delight so you can build an online platform that you own in 2019 and beyond.

The beauty of a platform like WordPress is that you can truly own your content online by simply connecting it to a server of your choice. The principle is closely intertwined into my own work here at MD, where my focus is to make the extra effort it takes to own your site worth it (vs. the ease of setting up social media).

That’s why MD focuses on the important things like getting you more newsletter signups, allowing you to write and design beautiful content, and now as I move even closer to my higher visions for MD, better integrations with eCommerce and membership platforms to get you PAID.

Yes, you should absolutely own your online platform, and it shouldn’t be hard. The rapid innovations to MD you will see throughout this year will paint that picture for you clearly.