What have we learned about social media? For one, we know it was built to be addictive—the dopamine hits we get from the instant feedback is motivation enough for us to keep posting. Think of how social media has altered the way we use the internet—how can we make our websites benefit?

By getting inspiration from social media we can create a new kind of feature on our blog that make it to write quick posts and deliver them in a feed that is easy to scroll through. Fast to publish, easy to read, and now in MD4.9.2: instant feedback with a shiny new Like button!

Just go see how Eric Decker has been using his Stream. He’s created a daily feed for his readers to come back to and has tons of micro content he can repackage into blog posts later.

The goal of the Stream is not to replace social media (it can’t) but to add a new feature to your website that gives you an easy place to write, and a fun place for your readers to check in.

Best of all is it’s your content on your own platform, and it will be all yours soon—so very soon.

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