Well… here goes posting the first post to the revamped version of the Stream! You’re looking at a totally revamped design, a new share button set, the mighty LIKE button, and a new profile header.

The first version of the Stream was a weekend inspiration that delivered a solid concept with an unclear design. While that never bothered me as I knew I would develop this feature, the excitement eventually grew intolerable and I had to get this next iteration out.

Those of you who used the first version of The Stream: well done for catching on to what a beautiful feature this will be for your site. Now you get to experience the next step and build your own thoughts stream and website into something more in 2019.

If you’re reading this now, this is a test of the very first version of Marketers Delight 4.9.2 on a live site and let me tell you that all is going well! MD4.9.2 is bigger than just the Stream, and in the next few days I will reveal all and release it to you too.

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