Why do I care so much about the performance of Marketers Delight? Why doesn’t every update add “sexy” marketing features and why do I write out the “boring” technical details of each update?

Easy—performance is the most important feature! There are periods where I released tons of new features (popups, share, Stream, Bookshelf) and even bigger updates that are strictly based on invisible, behind the scenes performance stuff (MD4.3.8, MD4.7, MD4.9.1).

Without regular performance updates it’s easy for a software like MD to spiral out of control and hurt you in the longrun.

How many times have you built a WordPress site only to find it end up being slow, impossible to update, and just a nightmare to deal with? I know I have too many times, and much of my motivation goes to never ending up in that time-wasting spot again.

Now, when I deliver the next mega feature I am working on in the MD Labs, not only will your site be prepared to handle it, but you won’t have to worry about the question “will adding this new feature slow down my site?” With MD, that question is all but irrelevant.

MD Optins coming soon.

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