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You can sell just about anything online these days. Everywhere you look, there’s another online marketplace/platform ready to help you turn your idea into another success story.

  • For example, if you sell handmade widgets, there’s Etsy.
  • If you’re using an arbitrage business model, you can use eBay.
  • Freelancers can use sites like Upwork and Fiverr.
  • Books publishers and sellers of all things legal, have Amazon.
  • Course creators can use Kajabi, Teachable, Podia, and/or Udemy.
  • And coaches can turn to sites like Coaching Cloud to connect with clients.

No matter what you’re selling, the data-collecting, customer keeping, over-funded tech giants have you covered.

Breaking out of the labs:

The first issue of XFtoWP 1.5 beta has been declared, following 37 alpha versions to get to its first strong working copy.

Next step is to test it on a real staging/live environment. More details coming soon.

Page Blocks sneak peak

The next Dropin added to the new Dropins library is nearly ready, and just needs a little extra documentation as it is very powerful.

Once I can at least get the basic downloads pages and documentation written for the first four inital Dropins, I will do more clean up to make the Dropins Library more official, and then announce them all to the MD email list.

This Dropin is called Page Blocks, an experimental page builder I developed a while ago and polished off for this release. It allows you to build unlimited HTML sections from the post editor and works great with MD helper classes. I am excited to show this one off and even more interested to see who uses Page Blocks, as it is a tool meant for people with HTML knowledge.

Keep watching this space, lots of fun updates still ahead!

Writing the stream blog post

Writing a post outlining a few different ways you can use the new Stream feature to enhance your website. I have a lot of rust to shake off for this style of writing, and it’s crazy to me how these days I can write code quicker than a blog post. I need to write more…

5 ways to use The Stream…

I just published a new post all about The Stream! In it, I break down the benefits of using a Stream on your own site and 5 genius ways you can start using it right now to breathe life back into your website. Check it out!

MD5.2 Release Candidate

MD.com is officially running the MD5.2 Release Candidate!. After a week of testing with the MD staff we have moved out of the beta stage of the new features and enhancements and now have a version that is very likely ready for full release. Stay tuned, MD5.2 is imminent!

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