2016 Round-up: What’s been going on around Kolakube

It’s 2016 and the Kolakube Labs are on fire! As the new year started, the release of MD Popups soon followed—and that was a big deal to a lot of MD customers!

If you’ve seen the page then you know what MD Popups is all about. But in the greater scheme of things, is the first premium addon available for Marketers Delight. This opens up big opportunity for future products coming out of the labs!

Before I talk more into the future, I want to take a look back and talk about what’s been going on around Kolakube the past month.

MD Popups Release

On January 8th I released MD Popups after 5 months of excruciating development. This was easily the toughest product I’ve built to date and I’m happy to finally have released it for you guys to get a hold of.

The way this product came together was an interesting experience for me and hopefully the ones involved too!

It all started with a member in the forums posting a thread suggesting features he wanted to see in Marketers Delight.

It was a pretty big feature request: he wanted a popups system! Up to that point as a developer, the idea of building popups was very perplexing to me. It was something I hadn’t been able to figure out just quite the right way—even from past client projects.

The thread continued growing and more people started requesting these popups features!

The demand was there and I started to get working, and learning, how to build it.

5 months later, I am happy to present to your MD Popups, a full popups builder solution for WordPress. The key features include building popups with Live Preview, creating exit intent + 2 step popups, setting custom popups per page, and more.

…you can even embed shortcodes in your templates. That makes for some other powerful integrations:

Click tweet to see what other people are saying about MD Popups!

…now, it’s not an obsession with popups—I’ve never really used them myself—but what goes into a tool like popups in a greater design system like Marketers Delight.

I’ll be talking more about MD Popups and how it helps you implement custom designed popups that are effective at capturing leads and improving your websites overall design more around the Kolakube blog.

Yes, I'm ready Are you ready to Upgrade your Content experience with MD Popups?

P.S. If MD Popups has helped you or you want to help spread the word please take a moment to leave a review or a quick upvote on Product Hunt. I would greatly appreciate the help! A huge thank you to my friend Bud for getting it going!

Other Kolakube News:

Kolakube Email Forms

Kolakube Email Forms 1.1

Email form integration with ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign in addition to other email service integrations.

Easy option to add text after email form + new developer tools. Update from your dashboard—use with any theme!

Update now

MD Jobs Board

MD Jobs Board

As more people start looking for custom design work, I thought it would be a good idea to start listing anybody available for custom design work.

Go ahead and register to the forums and post your ad on the MD Jobs Board:

Post an ad

What’s Next From Kolakube?

I’m never short of ideas for new things to build and I have a lot of useful addons in the works for this year. Smaller, more tailored functionality like the upcoming MD Footnotes addon are in the works for instance.

I’m looking to focus more on the content side of things this year with *completed* tutorial series and make video walkthroughs of using and building with MD.

There is a lot MD can do, and I want to show you more of it.

While the built-in features of MD make creating a customized site fairly comprehensive, you’ll want to dive into a customized child theme—and the developer features MD enhances it with.

Understanding the deeper levels of MD gives you unlimited design and features control over your pages (just like this page and others throughout Kolakube) with the template system.

Alongside videos and tutorials, I’ve been compiling a list of sites using MD to feature in an upcoming showcase page. If you have sites using MD, email them to me or link your site in the ‘Website’ field in the comments form.

Thank you for choosing Marketers Delight to run your business. I have a lot of fun building the best products for you and am glad MD is getting to more people in different niches.

It’s gonna be a fun year! Let me know what you plan to do with yours in a comment below.

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  1. 2015 was a really big year for Kolakube, but 2016 will be even bigger. Great start to the new year Alex, and congrats on the successful launch of MD Popups. I’ll be scanning the MD Jobs Board in the coming days for someone that can do a few things on a new site.

    Anyway, we’ll have to talk soon and catch-up but keep pushing Kolakube to new heights. I’m loving it.

    • Thanks so much Ray, you were a big part of 2015 for me when we did the work on your site together initially. You’re gonna love what’s coming next!

  2. Now, I’m using Marketers Delight as my theme.

    It looks good and clean.

    Features like fonts option and colors scheme maybe are good idea 😀

  3. I am thinking of switching to Thesis theme framework from genesis, what’s your suggestion.

    Their’s one thing which I really don’t like about genesis is… most of the sites look alike… is this same for thesis.

    Your MD “new” fan..VKP

    • Hey Vivek, the design of your site is dependent on how much work you’re willing to put into customizing it!

      Thesis and Genesis are definitely more “bare-bones” frameworks that can do a lot when you dive into their design environments. Genesis with child themes, and Thesis has its own design system as well.

      I tried to build MD to be less of a framework and more of something you can just plug your content into and let MD design around. Of course, you can style everything with CSS.

      There are a lot of options out there for sure, so I suppose the best way to pick is to find something that resembles the design you want as closely as possible, buy it, then sculpt it into your own.

  4. i wanna buy a theme from u , but my qustion is
    becuz i live in iran do u get in troble ?
    cuz i dont want u to break the law
    i can pay it , but can i get the same support as everyone
    ps : ur sites are amazing and i like that u answered every comment , so cool

  5. I follow kolakube more than 2 years ago. now I see any change. I like this theme (official kolakube). may You’ve plan selling this?

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