We’re Raising Our Thesis Skin Prices + Offering Club Plans (Here’s How You Can Save Big)

Ever since relaunching in February, Kolakube has made huge strides. From new Thesis skins to better support, an affiliate program and some awesome freebies— we’re always keeping busy to keep you busy.

With the future shining so brightly for us and the Thesis community as a whole, I’ve decided to make a few changes on how Kolakube delivers new and awesome skins to you.

From $37 to $67 (Starting This Friday)

As it stands, the prices of the skins in the gallery are now at a modest $37. What is included in that price tag? Quite a bit:

  • 1 beautiful, highly functional Thesis skin
  • New features, bug fixes + updates for life (1-2 skin updates a month)
  • A growing documentation library with guides, how-to’s and tutorials
  • A support forum where Sean Davis and I live, often going above and beyond to help you out

That’s a lot of stuff, and it’s only getting better. With plans for even more Thesis skins, and our upcoming video library (full of tutorials, guides and how-to’s on our skins), the $37 you spent on one of our skins really goes a long way.

The truth is, we go the extra mile here to deliver not just the best Thesis skins on the market, but to deliver the best customer experience possible.

And we work our asses off. Kolakube is a two man show at the moment (me, Alex, developing skins + running Kolakube and Sean essentially taking over the support forums).

Let’s Be Real: Here’s the Reason Why

So why raise the prices? I’m not going to come up with any BS, here’s the truth:

Kolakube is a growing business. As a business grows, things change. While I will always be sure our skin pricing is reasonable and affordable for you, I need to be sure that myself and the people who work with me here can make a living.

The things we do here aren’t motivated by money, trust me. Ever since the relaunch in February, I set out to help you create a business based on good design. One way to do that, was through selling well-designed Thesis skins.

Hopefully, if you’ve used our skins for even just a day, you’ll agree with us that the service here is worth more than the $37 price tag we put on it.

If not, I welcome you to buy one of our skins and use it yourself. See how good our products are and how good our support is if you need it. And do so before Friday, when the prices of our skins go up from $37 to $67.

Want All Our Skins? Join a Club!

Also happening on Friday, is the release of our membership clubs. These clubs basically let you get all our skins (and future skins), and everything else that comes with it, for one low price.

There will be 2 options: yearly access and 6-month access.

Depending on which option you choose, you will get access to all skins released in that period of time until you need to renew. However, you will always have access to the support and documentation that comes with joining these clubs.

This is the Last Week to Grab Our Skins at $37

Once Friday comes around, all Kolakube skins will be sold at $67 a piece. This week is your last chance to get them at this lower price of $37.

Or if you’d prefer to get all our skins for one low club membership plan (for killer savings in the long run), you can wait for Friday to come around and grab our skins there.

Thanks for your continuous support of Kolakube. It’s been an uphill climb since last year, but this site is really coming together, and it’s all thanks to you who use our skins, leave blog comments and spread the word about us.

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  1. Kolakube skins are great and there is no doubt about that to anyone I suppose.

    But the best things which I see here is the way you guys (Sean and Alex) go above board to support members even when the issues are not really related to the skin.

    I have never heard here at support forums that ” our support doesn’t cover this or that” or ” you should do this on your own”. Great job.

    This awesome support makes the price as the best investment for anyone who is using Thesis.

    Also, I have seen the themes being updated often and eevery update adds something good enough. In just 2-3 months, the number of updates make you feel as if your investment here is fully taken care of by Kolakube for lifetime.


    • Avinash,

      Thanks a ton for the kind words as always. 😀 Just wait until you see the new stuff we’ve got on the way.

  2. How many skins or child themes are you planning to release witin a 12 months period?
    What about all-inclussive lifetime membership?

    • Hey Bob!

      I’m aiming for either 1 new skin a month, or at least 3-5 skin updates a month. Ideally, I’d like to fit 1 new skin in a month and maybe 2 updates to other skins, but regardless— there will always be new stuff.

      And I’m not planning on offering a lifetime membership, but you will have lifetime support with these plans.

  3. Sounds pretty good and I am looking forward to the new skins and the membership options. Though I would also like to know what will happen to those who had purchased the MD2 + Legacy Bundle / the old members.


  4. Considering the above and beyond the call of duty help I’ve gotten, the price hike is absolutely understandable, but this means we going to hold you to the same high standard you’ve been setting since the re-boot.

    A new skin a month, sounds fantastic.

    Keep up the good work Alex and Sean.

      • Haha, I even bought the Blogusion theme when it first came out. I’m sure a lot of us here have bought all your themes already 🙂

        So for us to join now, there’s nothing to download lol

  5. I’m obviously going to sign up for the club. But it would be handy to know the price ahead of time so I know whether to buy now or wait for the club price.

    • That would be very useful to know… I’m still trying to set the best price I can on this, so nothing is finalized yet.

  6. Increase your price scheme is a MUST as many other skins of less features have that kind of $67 since its launch, opt for this change 🙂

  7. Higher prices? WHAT? This is an outrage! It’s an absolute outrage that you waited so long to raise your prices.
    At $67/skin it’s still a great deal. The lifetime updates alone make it well worth the new price tag.

    • Shit’s gettin’ serious here, man.

      Haha, man I just can’t do anything original anymore huh?

      I didn’t see that post, but I do Love The Theme Foundry, and (as always) I agree with their ideas 100%. Love those guys.

      • I knew you loved ’em! So I had to ask haha. By the way, just discovered your ‘strict blog no copyright policy’. That’s original haha.

  8. == Do not publish if you think it is not appropriate ==

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve seen your skins and loved Marketers Delight. The question is if have you ever considered to sell a version for the genesis framework as I’m sure you would get lots of clients.

    Look forward to hear from you,

    • Hey William,

      You’re right, if I did start making Genesis skins I’d get a lot more people buying. I’d make a ton of extra money too, no doubt.

      But in all honesty, I couldn’t do that. There’s a huge market for Genesis and a lot of people using it, but by choosing to create and sell skins for it— I’d be promoting something I don’t believe in and don’t think is the best solution out there. I’m all about finding the right solution to things, and Genesis is not it.

      It’s a morals thing.

      • Kudos for sticking to your beliefs. I have a few Genesis themes. Main reasons for that is simple, apart from yours. There are not much choices in terms of quality Thesis themes out there.

  9. Hi Alex,
    I was planning to buy Marketers Delight (It’s the perfect theme for marketing ) But can you give us any hints about the membership price so that I can decide on which option is better for me..

  10. A new skin each month? I feel like I need to set up more websites so I can have all of them 😀

  11. I have heard about you folks on many occasions now. Your skins are good and responsive. Increasing the price wouldn’t affect me because as of now I am just a beginner blogger and I cannot afford your skins.

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