Chances are, you know I sell skins for the Thesis Theme. Like any other “good” WordPress theme vendor out there, I offered an affiliate program. Just because it’s something that seemed… normal.

You know about affiliate programs I’m sure. They give people incentives (cuts of commissions) to promote a company’s product. I think affiliate programs are great (and I do participate in a few), and I am not trying to bash the idea of having one.

I just don’t think they’re for me. But my most important realization: I don’t think they add much value to my business as it is today.

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Social networking isn’t just great to meet and greet new people; it’s an essential tool for marketing and updating your readers on your latest and greatest content.

In order to make the direct link between your usage of social media to your blog back to your followers is to allow them to share your content with their followers.

How do you do that without employing a “social media marketer” and installing a bunch of deadly WordPress plugins?

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