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XFtoWP (XenForo to WordPress)

XFtoWP 1.3 is now stable!

After a little over a week of testing, XFtoWP is officially marked stable. I am just preserving this screenshot here because it’s always a good feeling to sit atop the XF resources manager for a short while. 😀

CryptoWP admin dashboard

An old pic

Attached is a screenshot of an early copy of the CryptoWP admin dashboard still being designed. There’s a lot of significance to this scrappy UI to me, and it happens to capture a time when digital assets were priced far lower than current day.

On that note, tune in at CryptoWP gets closer to breaking 10,000 downloads!

Little by little

A website is never finished, and a launch is never fully launched. The lawless part of software enables the ability to get working results in the real world with something unfinished, yet defies physics to still engage users while being actively built upon.

New homepage design (feedback?)

Much is now possible since MD5.3 and to help usher in a new era around here I’ve taken a stab at redesigning the homepage.

I admit the design is pretty different, but I’ve never been satisfied with the typical “headline + button” arrangement.

A valid critique of the last landing page is that it was too wordy, and I agree. More importantly, the stats agree and the old homepage just wasn’t working anymore.

In an attempt to greatly simplify the design and explain a bold product you can now pull on the new levers design to see a high level overview of key components of MD:

I’ve wanted to scrap this “lever” design a lot during the design process but I’m glad it’s worked out so far. You are hard pressed to find content sliders that work well, and I am hoping this design is one of the exceptions and helps deliver a delightful way to soak in the most important parts of this product at first glance.

There’s also a supporting button that shows dynamic counts of Drop-ins for download, the number of docs, forum posts, and even the current version number of MD. These are all integral parts of MD, so I am really excited to feature them here so prominently.

I went down and improved parts of the old landing page, redesigned the Pricing section, and made an all-around better mobile experience.

I will keep hacking away at the rest of the page over time, but more importantly I am glad we have something so much better to help explain the new possibilities and core philosophy of what Marketers Delight is in 2021 and beyond.

XFtoWP (XenForo to WordPress)
CryptoWP admin dashboard