If you’re a regular around Kolakube, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes throughout the site lately. And I’m talking more than the release of my new WordPress theme.

For the past month or so, I’ve been rebuilding the Kolakube website. Every major part has been overhauled, and it all now runs 100% on WordPress, which is a HUGE deal since I had a few other pieces of software deeply integrated into the site. Running my business has never been simpler.

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Ever since relaunching in February, Kolakube has made huge strides. From new Thesis skins to better support, an affiliate program and some awesome freebies— we’re always keeping busy to keep you busy.

With the future shining so brightly for us and the Thesis community as a whole, I’ve decided to make a few changes on how Kolakube delivers new and awesome skins to you.

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Take Note: I just need to add a little bit of text here to see what this caption looks like!

Responsive web design is probably the hottest topic in the design community right now. And no, I’m not just realizing this.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been reading all there is to read on the subject and been experimenting with a lot of different techniques.

Needless to say, I am ready to start converting my Thesis skins (and all future designs) to be responsive, just as I have on my new personal blog.

People who use my skins are always asking when I will make them responsive, and why it’s taking me so long to do it.

My answer? It’s simple:

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I’m not going to lie and tell you my premium Thesis skins haven’t been selling like crazy. Because they have.

And I also have to mention that I did decide to *proudly* ditch my affiliate program for a ton of reasons a couple of months ago.

Despite an inbox full of requests and tweets telling me how giant of an opportunity I was missing out on— I kept a hard head and kept it closed.

But today, I’m reopening it. And doing it a hell of a lot better than last time.

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