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Passion Project

A few minutes ago (while talking about Marketers Delight) my friend asked: “How do you know he’ll (referring to Alex) continue developing Marketers Delight beyond the next year or so?

And without hesitation, I replied: “Because he’s as passionate about MD as he’s ever been.”

Friend: “hmm, okay, and it’s not going to fade?”

Me: “hahahahahahaha, you’ve never talked to this guy about MD…trust me, his “passion” isn’t fading anytime soon”

This conversation reminded me of the advice I received right before I sold my first business.

“In business, when the passion is gone, it’s time to move on.”
—Some Old Guy


Ever since reaching 10,000 downloads on WordPress.org the download rate seems to have increased ever so slightly. From a little over 100+ downloads a week to 150+ the past two weeks, I wonder if something changed behind the scenes at the WP.org or we are just on a particularly good run.

First stream

I am extremely allured to the idea of live code streaming and last night I decided to invite the MD staff to an impromptu code stream on Telegram. It was a lot of fun and I think I came up with more of an entertaining show than I thought. Maybe the next stream will be live on YouTube. 🙂