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Wrapping up redesign

Getting extremely close to launching a pretty big client website on a custom Marketers Delight design. This site was using an extremely old version of MD, had a very cluttered database, and just a sluggish feel about it.

…yet it was still able to grow a huge email list, increase traffic over the years, and turn into a popular brand in its niche. Just another reminder that creating solid content and outworking your competition will always get you ahead in ways trivial design details won’t.

MD Pro Integrations

Pro Integrations Preview

Over the weekend I started the next phase of Marketers Delight. The next major release, MD4.9, will include the completely revamped MD Pro Integrations panel. MD already integrates with major email marketing platforms, but this new panel allows you to now make multiple connections, refresh site data, and even add other integrations like Typekit and Google Analytics. Really excited about this one.

using the bookshelf!

Welp, after releasing something badass the only logical next move is to go add it to some sites! The only way I can really see MD for what it is is by using it like I’m not the one who writes the code for it. That keeps me humble, but also astounded to see my idea come to life in the real world.

Bookshelf Launch!

The Bookshelf is now officially released! Check out this blog post I wrote to see what it’s all about. I kept the descriptions simple and included a ton of images to help you quickly understand how to use this powerful new feature on your site.

Almost done the Bookshelf…

Making a final push to finalize The Bookshelf and then will begin writing the announcement blog post for tomorrow. Exciting times ahead, and glad to have this feature finally done – it will be an important piece to understand exactly which kind of direction Marketers Delight is moving towards.

Atlas Shrugged

I’ve been completely focused on reading Atlas Shrugged, and what a world Ayn Rand has created! Between the enriching character dialogue and debilitating plot, this book contains many great lessons about the human spirit and explores lesser explored views of the forces that really make the world go ’round.

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