Start Making Money With Kolakube: The Reopening of the Affiliate Program

I’m not going to lie and tell you my premium Thesis skins haven’t been selling like crazy. Because they have.

And I also have to mention that I did decide to *proudly* ditch my affiliate program for a ton of reasons a couple of months ago.

Despite an inbox full of requests and tweets telling me how giant of an opportunity I was missing out on— I kept a hard head and kept it closed.

But today, I’m reopening it. And doing it a hell of a lot better than last time.

Here’s What New With The Affiliate Program

A quick look at it, there’s a lot of awesome things about this program:

  • Earn a nice 30% cut of each sale (about $11 a skin. Just wait until the prices rise!)
  • Access to a growing list of 50 beautiful affiliate banners
  • Detailed click, sales, traffic, trends reports
  • Full support at the awesome Kolakube support forum

You can learn more about it (and signup) by clicking the link below.

Click here to learn more

Why I Brought it Back

I want to go back and take a minute to respond to my article about why I closed the affiliate program. If you read it, you’ll think I’m an absolute hypocrite for bringing back the affiliate program. I did bash it pretty badly.

In business, there is a difference between being hypocritical and learning. Opinions change in an instant and like most things the past few months, this has been a learning experience.

So, I specifically wanted to address these points I made:

  • The sales brought in through affiliates was not worth the time it took to maintain the program
  • Many people used “spam” methods to promote through the affiliate program, making me look bad
  • Affiliate programs lead to higher refund rates through that spam by creating unrealistic expectations

Note that I based everything in that article based on the old Kolakube of a few months ago.

I even came up with a detailed chart of the differences between the ‘old’ Kolakube and the ‘new’ Kolakube to give you an idea of the data I was working with at the time:

Kolakube Then and Now

1. Not Worth the Time

The first time I ran my affiliate program, it accounted for about 5% of the overall sales. Between taking the time to pay the few active affiliates, responding to emails and promoting the program, I started to feel like it wasn’t worth it.

Truth is, it wasn’t. How could it be when few people would really recommend my skins on account of the bad service?

Opposed to now, where customer support is the biggest priority here, I think a lot more people would gladly promote Kolakube. And in the end, it will be worth all the time it takes to manage it.

2. Spam Marketing Methods

Let’s understand this now:

No matter what, there will always be spam. I wanted to close the affiliate program because people use spam methods to promote my skins. But why let spam win?

When you get email spam, do you close your email account? When you get comment spam, do you kill off your commenting system indefinitely?

I bet not, because that’s all crazy. You just need to have better management over these things, and accept that you can’t beat spam, but you can control it.

3. Higher Refund Rates

Through these spam methods, people were often promoting my products unrealistically. Advertising things they could not do, promising things that would never happen… leading to high frustration when people found out it wasn’t true, and blaming me. Then getting a refund. Bummer.

I can only trust that people truthfully promote the products around here, and that I continue to keep pumping out great updates to always make them better.

Those are my new beliefs about the affiliate program here, and it is here to stay for sure. But this was the one major drawback of not having an affiliate program:

Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity (For You)

If you’re a customer here, you know one thing Kolakube is all about is listening to what you want. And you wanted an affiliate program to promote the Thesis skins you used and make some money. I’d want that too, money is awesome!

With such a high demand for Thesis skins in the market, promoting a skin only seems natural to be a huge hit in affiliate sales.

So I invite you, whether you’re a customer here or not, to try out the FREE affiliate program and see what you can make with it.


Ready to get Started?

The Kolakube affiliate program is new, it’s great, and I think you can make a lot of money with it. Ready to start earning?

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  1. Nice one Alex. It’s great to see your affiliate program live again and I wish you luck with it.
    Also, fantastic the way you explain your decision process even though you have no need to do so.

  2. All the best with this, Alex.

    I hope you plan on releasing more designs. The Thesis community needs guys like you to develop decent designs for non-design folks.

    Some of the Thesis themers that are selling stuff, well, let’s just say they don’t have much of an eye for detail.

    • Oh, believe me. I’m going into overdrive mode on new skins shortly. I just wanted to set the ‘framework’ up for growing my business before I do so. With things like a new about page, email list and affiliate program.

      And I know what you mean about that! Can’t wait to show you some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

  3. Hi Alexa,
    I was looking at your affiliate program from long time. Finally it is launched. Now I am signing to send referral to your awesome skins 😀

  4. Great to see that u launch the program.. I have a doubt.. how old the system..? I am member in old system, so do I need to register again..?

  5. HI Alex
    There is some problem with link of “Follow me on twitter” after post title 🙁 Please correct it

  6. Hi Alex,

    I love your work and even though I do not use (yet) Thesis, I would like to try selling your skins so, do I need to place 2 affiliate links in my site, one to diythemes and other to you? How does that work?

    • Hey Claudia,

      Thanks for the compliments! Glad to have you as a fan.

      Thesis Theme and Kolakube skins are 2 different products. So, you can promote the Thesis Theme framework in one link, then say “and you can trick Thesis out with these awesome Thesis skins from Kolakube” in another link.

      • Now that’s a quick answer! Thank you 😀
        I will follow up on this.


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