List of Available Widgets in Marketers Delight 2

Marketers Delight 2 comes with some pretty sweet built-in widgets to make customizing your sidebar really easy. Here is a list of all available widgets as of version 2.2

Optin Form

Description: Allows you to easily place an optin form in your sidebar, while adding some other cool things to enhance the form.

Widget screenshot: Optin Widget

Output on site: Widget output


  • Title: Set the headline of the widget
  • Description: Add a short description of your headline
  • Optin Code: Paste your optin code (be sure to read best practices for styling an optin form)
  • Social proof: Add a quote or a testimonial someone said about you to make yourself look more appealing. 😉
  • Who said it: The name of the person/organization who said that about you

Popular Posts

Description: Generates a list of most popular posts on your site by comments and neatly lists them in your sidebar.

Widget screenshot: Popular Widget Form

Output on site: Popular Posts


  • Title: The headline of the widget
  • # of Articles: Set how many articles should be listed (no limit…be careful!)
  • Show comments?: This will toggle whether or not the number of comments will show after each post


Description: Allows you to add testimonial/quote boxes to the sidebar.

Widget screenshot: Quote widget

Output on site: Quote output on site


  • Title: Set a headline to appear before the quote widget
  • Quote: Write what the actual quote/testimonial is
  • Who are they?: A short description of who the person who said it is
  • Their picture: A 60×60 image of the quote author


Description: Like the Orb Page Lead, you can use your very own orbs in your sidebar!

Widget screenshot: Orb Widget Options

Output on site: Orb Widget on site


  • Title: The title of the orb (will display inside the orb)
  • Description: The description of the orb (will display inside the orb)
  • Outer text: Any text you want to write to appear outside of the orb
  • Button text: If you want a button to show up, enter text here
  • Button link: Where the button will lead to once clicked
  • Button color: Easily change the color of your button

Affiliate Links

Description: Promote your favorite affiliate products through this nifty affiliate product widget!

Widget screenshot: Affiliate widget settings

Output on site: Marketers Delight affiliate widget


  • Featured Title: Adds a ribbon to the top of the widget with a featured title in it
  • Name of affiliate product: The title of the product you are promoting
  • Your affiliate link: Your special affiliate URL
  • Featured Image: A small thumbnail of the product (recommended: 65×65)
  • Description A quick description of what the product is, and how it can help your viewers.