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XFtoWP randomly doesn't add XenForo account

El Porcharo

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Hello there Alex,
Today I had another user submitting the registration form without the XenForo account being generated.

I've thoroughly looked into my server logs, and I think I found something related:


Line 157 in functions.php is this one: $xf_user_id = $xf_user->user->user_id;

I had 4 registrations today and this is the only one that didn't go through (it is also last one of the day, no other registrations afterward).

How can I troubleshoot this random error that occurs every now and then?

Hope we can fix it!

Thanks for your time!
I have an update on this!

Thanks to my ActiveCampaign tags, I realized that the account was already present since long ago, but it was disabled.

So at this point I remember you set a random number in case the username was already there, but I assume the error here comes from the email.
Is there a way that I get a notification and, at the end of the process, also the user gets a message that the account has been registered already? :)
Can you message me your functions.php file? The function we made to work with Fluent can be tweaked so it always registers a new user even with an random number attached.