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Writing JavaScript that Delights


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Identical to how dynamic CSS templates, MD5.5 introduces a new JavaScript compiler that ensures your site is always loading the lightest amount of custom JS code from the MD core theme and Drop-ins.

Long story short, to enhance the interactivity and functionality of a page you can write custom JavaScript. You can target things like “when a user clicked”, “when a user scrolled”, etc. and make live changes to your website in the browser.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the Web has gone nuts with JS! Marketers Delight has always been built with minimal JavaScript and a focus on clean, ready-to-go HTML markup and data.

There is still a need for JS and MD has taken this part of the theme very seriously.

In fact, all of MD’s rich functionality like popups, share/like buttons, floating bars, tab widgets, and other elements are custom written for use in the theme and without a JS library like jQuery.

Now with MD5.5, your site will continue to load even less JavaScript by only printing scripts from the theme functionality and Drop-ins of your site.

In other words, now when you disable a feature, it will also remove any leftover JavaScript from the MD scripts file. It works the other way around too—when you add a new Drop-in like the upcoming Table of Contents drop-in, it will print its script to the main MD scripts file—not load another file.

This kind of script optimization keeps your site highly functionality, lightweight, and high-performing. Marketers Delight 5.5 coming soon!