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XFtoWP WP theme recommendation


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Hi, I am looking to rebuild a site for a client that currently is using the Xpress theme, as it integrates well with Xenforo. They hate the theme and want to move over to a theme that will use a simpler page builder like DIVI, Elementor etc... I am looking at a few themes like ListingPro & BuddyBoss. Do you have any "Community/Membership) theme recommendations that you know work well with the XF to WP plugin. Features the clients need out of the new site include; Membership access (gated pages), Subscription Sign-up, and Classifieds Ads. Any help would be much appreciated.


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We build our own theme/design system called Marketers Delight, which comes with powerful content marketing and writing tools on top of a clean design and framework.

It is possible to integrate the features you are asking for via plugIns or custom development of your own on top of MD.

Obviously we use our own theme, so you can see some examples of XFtoWP widgets on the Kolakube.com homepage and MD blog.

The plugin will work on any theme, so it's the accompanying plugins you choose that make the difference. There is a list of supported plugins on the XF resource page and with minor custom development it is possible to make any WP plugin / custom code work with XFtoWP's sync processes.