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WP News: ACF - Advanced custom fields acquired by WPEngine


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The amount of money in the WordPress space continues to be mind-boggling to me as the ACF plugin is acquired again, this time by WPengine:

At a certain point in any serious theme and plugin developers growth is how they handle the "building custom fields" dilemma.

Build your own custom fields api or use yet another developers interpretation of how custom fields should work in wordpress. Even the new block editor aims to solve this, but that is a whole different subject.

ACF is the largest custom fields solution on the market with the probably millions of lines of code written by its users to power many kinds of websites.

It has been a fun project to watch as a former user of the plugin, but is not really a plugin that you need when you have MD.

Of course, MD has its own battle-tested and ever expanding custom fields, admin screens, and now modular drop-ins working together to create the most action-packed and lightweight websites possible.

The WP space is growing and being challenged in many ways and acquisitions like these make me ponder the different directions software is going.

We'll be over here developing a great product and continuing to push MD and the web in a better direction.