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Why you need to hire Alex for your website!


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I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Alex's remarkable work on the Admin Junkies community. His dedication and expertise have been very crucial l in transforming the site into a vibrant hub for learning and connection.

The new homepage Alex has made, is not only visually appealing but is also absolutely seamless integrated. Visiting both the forum and our website wouldn't make you think you're viewing two separate software scripts. It's rare to find someone who pours their soul into their work, but Alex does just that, and the results are evident.

For anyone considering professional services from Alex, I wholeheartedly recommend Alex. His ability to listen to community needs, integrate feedback, and deliver beyond expectations is exceptional. Hiring Alex means investing in a partnership that values growth, engagement, and innovation.

So, with this post, I want to support Alex and I want to show my gratitude to him. Besides my own community, which community would be beneficial for him to provide my two cents? ;) Exactly, here.

For those interested looking at the seamless integration between our forum and a WordPress website using the MD plugin: https://admin-junkies.com/learn/
Cedric, thank you for taking the time to write this!

Admin Junkies is a very special and lively site that was a joy for design for (past just matching the forum design) and represents the ethos of the websites I build software for.

Really look forward to continue growing the site, and a bigger thank you for being one of the first test grounds for Marketers Delight 6.0—a smashing success! :D