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The new responsive: Web design in a component-driven world


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The web community is entering into a new era of responsive design and shifting our perspectives on what it means. With user preference queries, container queries, and other form-factor queries on the horizon, we'll soon have the tools to create responsive designs far beyond what querying the global viewport allows. This session highlights what it means to be responsive to the user, container, and form-factor, along with how to implement some of these new axes of responsive design.

Announced at the Google I/O 2021.


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Thanks for sharing @Andro, I watched the whole thing. I always roll my eyes when I hear Google talking about what their forced vision of the next big thing in web is, but found some of these concepts actually quite interesting.

For example, the @container media queries make a lot of sense and in the back of my mind is how I thought media queries should have always worked, but I like that we will have the power to combine these two tools now.

The other invention I am looking forward to is the preferred color scheme tools as we have been eyeballing adding a dark mode to the MD theme. This, I think, has already been around for a while so it is probably the newest tool I trust to have the most support by browsers to implement into our working products.

Good share, please keep any of your other findings coming. :)