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The Evolving Nature of Web Design


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Take one look at the WordPress theme and service market and you'll see a recurring theme: convenience, lots of options, and making anything possible. Many page builders and theme systems are developed to give the end user an "easy" way to drag and drop elements and configure their designs to infinity - and that serves a huge part of the market well.

But when it comes to specialization and getting into the gritty details of a design, these tools often put more bloat and obstacles in the way of something that can be achieved with a little bit of code, or at least a more precisely designed tool for the job.

The generic "built for everything and nothing" kind of solution was made because we hate limitations and never want to tell a user they can't do something that's not a single click away.

But when we give these unlimited tools to the average person who doesn't really understand design, more times than not you'll see an average looking and unevenly spaced design with poor readability and a "held together by tape" kind of look. That's because when designing for infinity, you're not really designing for anything.

My strategy for this, as the developer of MD, is to provide you with calculated results through the user interface and keep the infinity stuff to where it belongs: in the child theme, or code editor. And that's exactly what you'll see in MD4.8: while many new visual features will be introduced, they will serve a specific purpose to achieve a specific result of which has been crafted in your favor.

While there has been a lack of a lot of these kinds of visual features in MD, the underlying foundation of MD has been continuously developed and strengthened for some seriously custom designs and powerful functionality. One look through the MD showcase will show you some of the beautiful designs built on Marketers Delight, many of which have very precise functionality built in.

I've considered MD a premium designers tool because once you dig in under the hood into the APIs, the CSS design system (which is getting a huge overhaul in 4.8), and template files (coupled with WordPress' great template system), and you will see how powerful MD truly is.

With such a focus on the internals of MD over the years and building the "infinity design system under-the-hood", I am taking that power and bringing it to the forefront with calculated and precise new tools for you to use to mix beautiful design with powerful functionality.

The first showing of this will be the new MD Design system coming in version 4.8, and that will expand in ways that will make MD feel infinitely flexible while keeping you in a controlled and highly calculated environment. The best example of this will be in the new typography controls which I will explain more in the near future.

There's no tool like MD around in WordPress, and I'm highly motivated to turn this theme into the premier WordPress design system for the modern age that puts results in front of infinity. This is a big undertaking but I'm committed and honored to have you along for the ride.

I hope you've enjoyed my musings here, and if you haven't yet, check out these sneak peaks of the new design system coming in MD4.8.