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Reusable Page Blocks?


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What do you think of reusable page blocks? This would eliminate the need to find the block, copy it into a new page block section, name the block, then tweak the HTML for our needs.
Imagine how simple it would be to go the page blocks section in the editor and clicking Add Saved Block (maybe right next to the existing Add New button).

I find as I'm building out my site that I need/want the same blocks repeatedly so I can save time and just gently tweak the HTML.

Do you think this would be a cool enhancement or am I the only one?Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 9.34.35 AM.png
Hi @writeitnow09, that would make for a great addition to Page Blocks. The way I see it working is after you select a reusable block, it auto populates the text field with the saved HTML code and gives you the option to edit it or keep it as-is.

I'd love to do a poll to see who uses Page Blocks vs. the Block editor as a lot of similar functionality overlaps. I wish there were a better code mode in the Block editor for this exact reason.
That's kind of what I was thinking, too. Simplicity personified in many ways. In thinking of the way I'm using page blocks (which is way different **I think** than most people) I also see a need in my case for an added bit of functionality (though describing it would probably work better in a different thread).

For what it is worth, the big benefit to page blocks for me is having a simple, efficient way of overriding default page width constraints in the block editor. I like the flexibility of page blocks even though it takes a little longer to write the code than just type in the editor.
I'd love to see the different way you are using Page Blocks and am mighty impressed you are getting so much out of it as it relies quite a bit on HTML, which seems to be a dying art. I stick with it for the same reasons you do, and often feel too boxed inside page builders and other visual tools.

simple, efficient way of overriding default page width constraints in the block editor.
Most blocks offer an option to align content outside of the standard content width, called "Align Wide" and "Align Full". The option usually looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 07.31.20.png