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Some French Dude

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I have 2 use cases I would like to implement. I'm not sure how to do this.

1 - I want to reuse some content blocks at the end of each of my blog posts. I have heard some "reusable blocks" exist but I'm not sure how they work and if this is the best way to do so. My reusable content would contain:
- 2 or 3 paragraphs of text
- 1 clickable banner image
- a bulleted list of link.

2 - Imagine I want to add an icon on top of each and every feature image published on my blog.
The stone age way of doing this is to do it manually in Photoshop each and every time I select a new photo and create and publish a new blog post. I could also batch the process in case I have more than 3 images at a time. This is rarely the case since I tend to write one article at a time.

Is there another smart solution to do it in Wordpres and have a setting or a code snippet somewhere in the CSS or others so that the icon / illustration is automatically added at the same place on the feature image of each article?