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Reformatting the thread comments


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When a post has an associated thread for comments, it currently shows the first post in the thread, which is actually a snippet of the post content. Since the user viewing this is typically at the bottom of the same content, perhaps there should be an option to not show the first post in the thread since it is redundant and actually might confuse the user.

Is this possible?
I agree, it has not proven to be ideal to show the same excerpt at the top of the thread discussion directly after the article. The functionality was designed with the intent that the first post in the thread would be different, but using the {excerpt} shortcode has actually been the most common use case, and has proven to be redundant.

For now, without making template edits, this CSS will remove the first post in the comments thread:

.forum-comments-list .forum-comment:first-child { display: none; }

To help make this smoother in the future the plugin will offer different comments sorting and a full on ability to just remove the OP.