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Posting your styling questions

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Welcome to the Styling & customization forum, the place to get help altering and designing the look and feel of your site.

This forum is best used for posting questions and discussions about achieving a certain style for your site and its various features. Does something about a core MD feature or Drop-in seem off? Post about it here for a resolution.

Get help with the MD > Site Design panel and learn how to use the MD design system to best make customizations to your site. The true strength of MD lies in just how much control you have, and even just a little bit of CSS and a few helper classes can go a long way in fine-tuning the important details of your websites.

While this forum is open to all of your styling questions please remember that asking to change core functionality and change "how X works" is not always guaranteed to get you a direct answer. The MD staff is always here to point you in the right direction, and will provide additional code and more advanced instruction when appropriate. This is not a custom design shop, but creating custom stuff with MD is easier than other themes.

To get the best help with your styling question please remember the following:
  1. This is Questions & Answers style forum so frame your thread around one goal. Examples: "how do I change the logo font size?", "rounding corners on input fields", "how can I achieve this style?", "styling sidebar widgets"
  2. When somebody replies to your thread, please react in some way. You can reply, like, or upvote if the post is useful.
  3. Do not post more than 3 ongoing styling topics at a time
  4. If you have received an answer that solves your problem please mark the post as Solved with the check icon at the right hand side of the post. This helps others find the answer later and rewards the person who helped you with a new solution to their profile.
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