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New homepage design (feedback?)


The Messenger
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Much is now possible since MD5.3 and to help usher in a new era around here I;ve taken a stab at redesigning the homepage.

I admit the design is pretty different, but I;ve never been satisfied with the typical "headline + button" arrangement.

A valid critique of the last landing page is that it was too wordy, and I agree. More importantly, the stats agree and the old homepage just wasn't working anymore.

In an attempt to greatly simplify the design and explain a bold product you can now pull on the new levers design to see a high level overview of key components of MD:


I've wanted to scrap this "levers" design a lot during the design process but I'm glad it has worked out so far. You are hard pressed to find content sliders that work well, and I am hoping this design is one of the exceptions and helps deliver a delightful way to soak in the most important parts of this product at first glance.

There's also a supporting button that shows dynamic counts of Drop-ins for download, the number of docs, forum posts, and even the current version number of MD. These are all integral parts of MD, so I am really excited to feature them here so prominently.

I went down and improved parts of the old landing page, redesigned the Pricing section, and made an all-around better mobile experience.

I will keep hacking away at the rest of the page over time, but more importantly I am glad we have something so much better to help explain the new possibilities and core philosophy of what Marketers Delight is in 2021 and beyond.


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Looks really great. I'll be diving into it and will surely copy a thing or two.

I think you should go a little extreme and change The Smart WordPress Marketing Framework to The Smartest WordPress Marketing Framework.

Jake O'Callaghan

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Definite improvement. Take the homepage from very good to great IMO. Interested in seeing if the redesign improves MD's conversion rate.