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Need second license?

Holly Lisle

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I'm working on a test site at the moment. My database guys have to move about 11,000 members from my existing software (which is on the verge of croaking) to new software.

And to do this, we need to see which data in the existing databases matches up with which fields in the new Wordpress/Xenforo database.

I have one license for XFtoWP, and I'll only be using one installation of Wordpress with the plugin, but the existing test site is on a different domain than the plugin will eventually reside at. And I cannot get the plugin to work.

At all.

It's dead as dead as dead.
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 8.48.16 AM.png
I have searched the XenForo manual for details on API keys, and they don't offer API keys, so this is evidently plugin-related. I only have the plugin installed on the test site, and I cannot get it to work.

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @Holly Lisle, sounds like you guys are making great progress!

The XFtoWP license key only checks whether or not your site can receive new plugin updates and has no bearing on the functionality of the plugin whatsoever.

There's a small handful of things that could be going on. My first thought is that since you are on a dev site, you most likely have it password protected with .htpsswd? If so, XFtoWP cannot make external requests if your dev site blocks access with a password, so that is the most likely cause.

Let me know if that is not the case and I have some other solutions you can try out.