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MD Marketers Delight 5.5.7


The Messenger
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Marketers Delight 5.5.7 and drop-in updates are now available for one-click upgrades in your WP admin panel. This is a minor maintenance and enhancement release.
  1. Applies background colors to note and alert classes in Blocks Editor
  2. Adds placeholder parameter to textarea fields created with the MDAPI
  3. Adds title attribute to md_icon( $args )
  4. Now allows the secondary logo to be forcefully turned off by setting the md_filter_logo_alt filter to false
  5. Now allows the comment form to be moved before/after comments list. See thread
  6. Optins 1.0.9: Pass the echo => true argument to md_email_form( $args ) to echo the email form HTML instead of include
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