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Magali is selling gourd art with MD + WooCommerce

I know a hell of a local artist in Orlando named Magali and recently I helped her spin up a simple site to sell her gourd art on a first come first serve basis. The design is mostly configured with MD's default settings including Google Fonts and a tiny bit of CSS, as well as a couple of optins features and the WooCommerce integration to skin her product and shop gallery.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 10.38.40 AM.png
(click image to go to site)

We are going to hook her payment info and train her to hook up real product info up so she can start receiving orders ASAP. More artists than ever want their own websites and Magali expressed a strong desire to get her work online in the simplest manner possible. This combination of MD and WooCommerce did the job perfectly and gives her a solid platform to make money with a shop and build a following with an email list.

I hope you can find some inspiration of your own from this site.


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Los Angeles
I've always liked the Josefin Slab font, and you've used it perfectly on this site. The right size and spacing.

I love a great font, brand pairing, and Josefin fits perfectly with Magali.

The site itself is clean, easy to navigate, and intentional.

No wasted space.

Another win for the MD Labs.