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Loading PDF or Widget Text in Gallery Blocks


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Hey All,

I'm digging into some of the features of the new MD.

I'm running into a brick wall with Gallery Blocks, though, because of my specific use case. Here's what I'm trying to do on one of my pages:
1. Set up a bunch of text-based samples (for instance, a PDF or even text that I have dumped into a text box).
2. Basically, in the Gallery Block, I would like to have an image display, then when clicked, I would like a PDF or formatted text to appear in a lightbox.

I think this would be a great way to let people peruse a variety of samples quickly without forcing them to keep returning to the initial page.

First, is this possible with Gallery Blocks?

Second, how would I deploy something like this?

In advance, thank you!


MD developer
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Hi @writeitnow09 this is definitely possible with the foundation of Gallery blocks since it is already setup to deploy light boxes, but there would need to be a slight modification to how it works overall to handle this use case.

I see a good opportunity to extend the Gallery Blocks drop-in with this idea so I have decided to use this idea for my first video codecast. You can watch me go through the nerdy stuff of coding the drop-in, then I will send the updated drop-in (or a brand new one) out that can make something like this possible.

Stay tuned. :)