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MD Introducing MD 5.4


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Hi everybody, exciting news out of the MD Labs today! Marketers Delight 5.4 is now available and brings an entirely new upgrader system to your websites. That means you can now one-click upgrade to get new drop-in versions delivered to your site without leaving your admin dashboard!

Once your site is running MD5.4 (go to Appearance > Themes to update), go back to the MD dashboard to check your site for new drop-in updates.

New Drop-in upgrades MD5.4

You can also manage updates from the Drop-ins Manager:

Upgrade Drop-ins from WordPress dashboard

The new upgrades system is for sites with your active license only, and is connected to the Drop-ins you've downloaded through the MD.com area. So, if you have a favorite drop-in you want to keep up to date, make sure you get settled into Marketers Delight 5.4 right now!
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