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"I am releasing my record one song at a time." - the release of BLUVNBU album

Over the years I have watched a lifelong friend of mine Matt grow into an accomplished musician, business owner, and thinker (to name a few). In the same time period we have been building his website (and other iterations) slowly from a small blog and a place to hype the release of his new album.

Eventually he created lyric videos with his music and we have been capturing leads until the full video gets created (he already has two music videos for his seven songs). But over the last few weeks Matt put together a team of really talented artists and I was fortunate to have the role of putting it together on the website.

We've used MD for the framework of the website with a custom designed landing page and a post type for his album pages. You will also see a deep integration with WooCommerce and Matt went all the way to list his store products and organized product structure now that he has reached a new milestone in what his online business can offer.

We worked on streamlining the upsell process and offer product variations for different clothing items, artwork, and other apparel. Entering more advanced product data like that to WooCommerce has always been a gray area but we found an addon called "Composite products" and designed it to handle the bundles.

We are still growing the depth of the site and will be upgrading to ActiveCampaign from MailChimp but right now it is a fully payable and content rich ecommerce site. I'd like to open this thread for any feedback you see about improving the sales flow, and especially commentary on the design to sale process you see.


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I haven't looked at the site on mobile (yet) but the desktop version looks good. I especially like the home page and love the 'The Awakening EP' page.


I know that there may be some WooCommerce roadblocks but the one thing I'd like to see is a featured product, rotating testimonial widget, or something in the empty white space atop the 'shop page'.


From a monetization aspect -- A++

I love the bundles.

Congrats to you both.


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Updated the site design and layout recently, the main goal was to make the direction of the music more obvious and better focus on selling the record. Also tightened up details like better copy and added some social proof elements to the front landing page.

See updated design:

A much clearer popup:

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 5.56.53 PM.png