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How to differentiate pages with the same name?

Some French Dude

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Say you have 3 courses with 6 modules each that are hosted on Wordpress.

How can you recognize which is which?
You'll have 3 pages entitled Module 2, 3 pages entitled Module 3, etc.

I know there is a unique ID for each page, but you can't just memorize all of them.
Also, I do NOT want anything else than "Module 2" or "Module 3" for the titles of those pages.

How do people do with this? Having folders could be a good idea to group all the pages related to the same course...

How can you do in order to immediately see to which course belongs each page on the me GUI below, WITHOUT having to consistent searching for the right page and then opening it to see if this is the right one or not?



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The "problem" with the Page post type in this context is that its not hierarchical, meaning you can't categorize entries like Posts. That's where "custom post types" come in which let us structure our post type however we want.

If I were going to use a free course plugin I'd look into this solution, which seems to give you that kind of hierarchical organization as well as other permission features that you need: