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How to Collect Testimonials & Integrate Them AUTOMATICALLY?

Some French Dude

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I'm at a stage where I need (true) testimonials on my site. People seem to trust testimonials even more when they are actual quotes taken from Facebook.

On this page, you can see this:


1. How can I create such a slider (top of the screenshot)?
2. How can I integrate Facebook Comments (bottom of teh screenshot)?

How to do 1 and 2 AUTOMATICALLY?

With all users of this theme, I'm sure many had come across the same need?

PS: I researched on the site and they seem to use Thrive to do all this.
Posting Facebook reviews is a great idea and for this I'd say we seek out other plugins. Looking into the page you showed i suspect they are using this service to embed social comments:

That service looks like it has tons of other awesome features for reviews and social embeds. Probably a no-brainer if you are serious about incorporating social media into your site.

Of course we always want to find a free, maybe not as good option, and that's where I found this plugin on WP.org plugins directory:

Looks pretty solid apart from the 5 post limit for the free version. As you can see, social media widgets are not so easy due to high activity/limits and security risks.