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How do you promote your blogging content?


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One of the best things you can do to grow your online business is blogging, or some form of it. It's something all of us know we need to do and one we don't all do as much as we should!

For me, I try to create a variety of content streams for myself around MD including:

  • MD blog (software updates, tutorials, showcases, etc.)
  • Code snippets (quick way to paste code I work with)
  • MDTV (longer form video tutorials)
  • Lab Logs (my new quick video update series)
  • MD Forums (posting these kinds of topics to bring up discussion)
It's nice to use different formats so when I get tired of one, there's a different library of content I have to contribute to. Of course, just because you create content doesn't necessarily mean it will get used by your audience; so how do you get it out there?

For me, by and far the most effective marketing tool I use is my newsletter. Here at MD I almost have 1,000 subscribers so whenever I have something new ready, I already have a lot of you guys ready to read it (and I appreciate it very dearly).

I've never been that great at social media, but that seems to be the avenue that works at an incredible rate for those who know how to wield its power. Whether it's random tweeting or sharing powerful posts on Facebook, those avenues are definitely there for those who can keep up with the high demand for content needed to succeed there.

Speaking of social media, a buddy of mine who I work very closely with actually built the bulk of his WordPress web hosting/design agency through networking in Facebook Groups. He struck a deal with an owner of a group right in his niche and set up a special affiliate commission for every customer sent his way from the group.

So there's lots of ideas for spreading your content out there - what's your strategy and what has worked best for you so far?