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How are you using XFtoWP?


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XFtoWP is the swiss army knife of XenForo and aims to target literally anyone who uses XenForo and WordPress. At the time of writing, XFtoWP's user syncing is in the spotlight, but has some other powerful features included in the plugin. What features does your community use right now?
I'm a novelist who teaches novel-writing on the side. I have a long list of "how-to" classes on fiction writing -- small stuff like world-building, plotting, and character development, big stuff like "How to Write a Novel" and a pathway through the biggest destroyer of novelists, "How to Revise Your Novel."

So my forum is a mix of general-membership shop talk and goofing around, purpose-built forums for specific classes (with questions and answers), private space for me to talk with my moderators, privater space for individual folks to talk directly to just me. I'm using every single option XenForo offers for one or more tasks.

It's a closed community. To reach the forums, folks have to be site members who own one of my writing classes.

I offer one free class that confers general membership -- How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't SUCK. It's a popular class, with a lot of folks who use it to make their first fiction sales. So I have a LOT of free members.

Having that free class makes sure that ALL members have access to the general discussion boards, to the "bought a class on Amazon" boards, and to a couple fun things we have there just because. Most discussions take place in the General Forums, because they're busy, they're fun, and everyone has access to everything being taught in the classes linked there.

I also have a number of small classes up on Amazon, and folks who buy those get free membership, the worksheets, and the related forums.) So along with free membership, there's "under ten bucks" membership. And they, too, use the General forums.

Private forums are for the big, expensive classes, where we're doing active research on expanding our fiction writing skills, our readerships, improving our marketing, making sure we master titles, covers, copy, genres... Bunch of stuff. Fiction writing is a highly technical craft with a helluva lot of moving parts if you want to succeed and make a living at it. And at the top end, the folks aren't there to see their names on books. They're there to build readerships and do this as their real jobs.

So I use private-access features, too -- one-to-one match-ups between owning a class and reaching a forum, and I need to make sure that folks who drop out of those classes have forum access shut off. (And that if they come back later, which a lot of my guys do) forum access re-opens.

Finally, the site is fiction writers only, the topics are fiction-writing related, and because this was not my first rodeo and I learned from my mistakes, the TOS includes my "no politics, no religion, no personal attacks, no flames" clause for forum use, and in the last fifteen or so years, I've had to kick out one member, and block one from forum use, both for violation of terms of service.

So I've also used the ban feature. Twice. So I have to have it.

Two people total out of the thousands of members (and the hundreds of active forum users) is not too bad, though.
I'm like Holly in that I'm an information marketer selling courses, but also coaching.

While I'm still building my site, the intention is to sync WordPress to XF with user groups so as people purchase courses and create accounts in WordPress they are also created in XF with the proper groups for additional content and discussion.
On top of WordPress is Keap (Infusionsoft) for marketing and Memberium to house the courses themselves. Great systems, and a lot of work to get setup (HA!).
If it all works, the system will act in a waterfall type of way where a person buying something is created first in Keap, then a Zappier process syncs the user to Wordpress, then WPtoXF syncs that user into XF.

I hope someday the plugin will support Keap (Infusionsoft) directly, and the recent WOO integration tells me this can be done.

Glad to be here, really looking forward to learning this plugin.
Hello Alex, I recently purchased the XFtoWP plugin, and I'm excited to migrate my XenForo threads to WordPress. I need assistance on how to do it, could you provide guidance or step-by-step instructions? Thanks in advance.
I open a user in xenforo, I do XFToWP synchronization, the last added member does not work for some reason.
Seyit was last added but for some reason it is not registered
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I really regret buying it. When I look at the comments like "No problem is being solved", I have edited my WordPress site so much that I installed it from scratch, but for some reason, when I log in to WordPress, it does not open in Xenforo. Please support me and my friends, your application is not cheap.