Googiehost is now on MD!

Googiehost is a free hosting provider and a blog on hosting, blogging & marketing based in Lucknow, India.

It has two parts, and

This first one is a static website coded in HTML (and somewhere PHP), while Blog is built on WordPress.

I used MD to first redesign the Blog part and then used the generated stylesheet + some custom css on static parts of the googiehost. is built entirely on MD's helper classes as instructed here:

This is the homepage of Googiehost:


It uses system-ui fontstack as of now but will be switching to proxima nova when we buy a license.

Next is the Googiehost Blog:

Feedback appreciated.


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Hi Gaurav, you have outdone yourself with this one! I like the bright colors you use across your designs and this one is no exception. I see you have a lot of .html pages, are those also custom too just reusing WordPress/MD scripts and styles? Most of the websites I manage for myself and clients use custom templates too, though I always keep them within the confines of the WordPress "pretty links" structure. is built entirely on MD's helper classes as instructed here:
How do you like using helper classes? I hope they saved you from writing a lot of extra CSS. :)

From a design perspective, my suggestion would be to tighten up the spacing and get the alignments on the edges of the site correct. I see some elements have inner padding, where others rest perfectly at the edge of the inner container.

The biggest spacing improvement I see is on the hero, where I think a lot of space is wasted and it could look much improved by at least centering the content as shown here:

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 12.57.48 PM.png

From a conversion optimization perspective, I really don't have anything to add as you did a great job of highlighting the call to actions and the design is inviting enough that you want to dig in. So well done there.

Some random other thoughts:
  1. The "Pro Hosting" top level nav link directing to a whole other site is pretty off-putting and confused me when I found myself offsite
  2. I get brought to a whole other looking site when I found this page. It looks good, but again looks like I'm on a different website
  3. The mobile menu and some other scripts are broken, possibly due to over optimization? Here are the error logs showing in my console:
    Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 12.48.43 PM.png
Overall, well done and I hope the company is benefiting from their fast and conversion optimized design. :)